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HR Services

HR Services

HR services include:

  1. Developing an employee’s file;
  2. Developing and issuing the orders on staff;
  3. Developing and issuing the orders on main activities;
  4. Drawing up an employment agreement;
  5. Drawing up an additional agreement with an employee;
  6. Scheduling the vacation leaves for the coming year;
  7. Developing the standard and individual timetables;
  8. Developing the attendance records;
  9. Preparation of the documents for the imposition of a disciplinary measures;
  10. Developing the documents on number of company employees;
  11. Developing the internal guidelines, regulations and instructions;
  12. Developing the electronic Registers tailored to the company’s activities;
  13. Developing the model documents.

Documents that we can develop for you:

  1. Employment agreement;
  2. Additional agreement to the labor contract;
  3. Staffing table, staff placement;
  4. Job descriptions;
  5. Statutes of structural bodies;
  6. Remuneration and Bonuses Regulation;
  7. Personal increments Regulation;
  8. Leave administration Regulation;
  9. Provisions on procedures of the collection, processing and protection of employee’s Personal Data;
  10. Regulation on employee’s official business trips;
  11. Regulation on the Protection of commercial confidentiality;
  12. Document circulation Regulation;
  13. Provisions on files nomenclature;
  14. Regulation on employees motivation;
  15. Provisions on conciliatory commission;
  16. Rules for internal labor order;
  17. Certificates;
  18. Material Responsibility Agreement;
  19. ;

To determine the provisional cost of the HR services, you can send a request for a questionnaire by filling in the form below: