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The results for you will be:

1 Full analysis with detailed Report 7
2 Full analysis with detailed REPORT + assistance in correcting errors in 1С 20

Detailed description of the operations, which might be performed:

Monetary assets:

  1. Zero unposted cash documents;
  2. Zero negative closing balances in cash account;
  3. Compliance with limits set for the cash payments to/from legal entities;
  4. Ensuring the sequential numbering of the cash receipt/payment vouchers;
  5. Correctness of the exchange rates in bank and cash documents;
  6. Audit of the filling in the details of the elements of the “Cash flow Items” directory;
  7. Correct filling in of the “Cash flow item” directory detail in documents;
  8. Congruence between the “Inflow/Outflow” directory detail in the cash flow item and the factual operation;
  9. Existence of the account balance in accounts 1021 and 1022.

Payments to/from counterparties:

  1. Audit of the prepayments offset in accounts 3310-1610, 1210-3510;
  2. Generation of the report for the audit of the accuracy of data reflection in the counterparties’ accounts;
  3. Existence of the counterparties with the account balance in accounts for supplier settlements with term exceeding three years, for the generation of the tax registers for doubtful debts and liabilities;
  4. Counterparties duplication check;
  5. Operating lease accounting check (in accounts 3360, 1260);
  6. The recording of acquiring operations.


  1. Correct filling of the regulatory factory calendar;
  2. Wages reflection check in the regulatory accounting;
  3. “Withholding of Individual Income tax and Compulsory Pension Contributions in tax accounting” document existence check;
  4. Payroll taxes calculation check;
  5. Verifying the recording correctness of salary payments by payment periods;
  6. Timeliness of salary payment check;
  7. Types of Payroll settings check;
  8. Indirect income entries check.

Fixed assets:

  1. Verification of the existence of mark “Registered” along with the account balance in the tangible assets accounts;
  2. Verification of the existence of mark “De-registered” in the absence of cost balance in the recorded tangible assets accounts;
  3. Verification of the congruence between data on Unit/Custodian in the accounts and the registers;
  4. Verification of the amortization charges for Tangible and Intangible assets in Accounting;
  5. Verification of the amortization charges for Tangible and Intangible assets in Tax accounting;
  6. Verification of the conformity of the Classifier of Fixed Assets code with Tax accounting groups;
  7. Analysis of the accounts reflecting the depreciated cost.


  1. Analysis of the data on stock regarding the existence of negative balance;
  2. Analysis of the sources of origin reflection.


  1. Correctness check for the entries of invoices issued;
  2. Correctness check for the entries of invoices received;
  3. Verifying the existence of Suppliers’ VAT registration data;
  4. Reconciliation of the accounts 1420, 3130 and the data of VAT registers;
  5. Checking of the accounts 1420 and 3130 for companies, which are not VAT payers. There must be no turnovers or account balance;
  6. Verifying the correct settings for analytics: Types of sales, Types of Purchases in compliance with the VAT rates.

Period-end closing:

  1. Fixed assets amortization;
  2. Deferred charges write-off;
  3. Reimbursable VAT clearance.


  1. Checking of the formation of initial capital;
  2. Analysis of the exchange rates;
  3. Correctness check for the exchange rates in the entries;
  4. Checking of the settlements with accountable persons by the accounts;
  5. Checking of the deferred charges;
  6. Manual charging of Corporate Income Tax and Social Tax for the Special Tax Regime;
  7. Checking of the existence of the account balance in the revenues and expenditures accounts after balance sheet year-end closing;
  8. Correctness check for the accounts used in the Accounting entries.

Tax accounting:

  1. Checking of the Tax accounting entries in the manual operations;
  2. Verification of the conformity of the Bookkeeping accounts with the Tax accounts;
  3. Verification of the conformity of the expense and revenue items in Accounting with the items in Tax accounting.

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